DMaF Lab laser cutters are booked out on Friday 13th October for a Grad Studio fabrication intensive.

There is additional time available on Wednesday and Thursday night in week 10 if required.

Existing bookings during this time are still valid.

DMaF News

12 Mar

DMaF is open

DMaF Lab has completed renovation and has reopened for 2017.

In 2017 it is mandatory to display your DMaF Competency Card while in the Lab. This card is issued once you complete your Safety Induction Competency Unit (SICU). If you have previously completed the SICU, please see staff to have a Comp...

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DMaF is currently renovating in preparation for 2017. We will still have limited opening hours with a limited selection of equipment available.

The lab has temporarily set up in the 108 teaching studio, across the foyer from the regular DMaF entry. Please note closed toe shoes and your DMaF Compet...

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