Laser Cutter Bookings

Important - SydPay Payments

SydPay has replaced Extro for all transactions within DMaF Lab.

Your Extro balance remains active for use with selected printing services around the faculty. Students can visit the Carslaw Computing Lab (on the other side of the foot bridge over City Road) and apply for a refund of their Extro balance if required. There is no option to transfer Extro funds to SydPay available at present.

Your SydPay account is automatically available once your student card is encoded.

If you first enrolled in 2016 or 2017, your student card is already SydPay ready.

If you first enrolled before 2016, and have not yet encoded your student card for SydPay, activate your student card with SydPay by visiting the Student Centre located on Level 3 of the Jane Foss Russell Building before you attend a laser booking.

Top up your SydPay account by using:

  • • SydPay online (
  • • Sydney Uni App
  • • At a SydPay Kiosk (closest Kiosk in SciTech library, Level 1 Jane Foss Russell building)

The maximum value of any single top up with SydPay is $150. If you require a value above $150, please process multiple top ups in separate transactions.

For further information about SydPay, please do not hesitate to contact DMaF Lab at

For FAQs about SydPay and DMaF Lab, please see SydPay FAQ's.pdf

Booking Instructions

You can book up to 14 days in advance.

  • • Click on an available time slot and fill in the booking form using the password fablab.
  • • If you wish to book a 60 minute session simply update the Duration field on the form.
  • • You will receive a booking confirmation to the entered email address. Please notify us if you do not receive it.
  • • By making a booking you are agreeing to the Terms and Conditions below.

Terms and Conditions

Laser Cutting Terms and Conditions exist in order to provide fair access to all students in the Faculty. Should you feel that there is a reason you need additional time or special consideration beyond these rules, please contact the DMaF manager.

  • • Read and ensure you understand the information provided on the Laser Cutters page.
  • • Laser Cutting is not available to 1st year Bachelor students.
  • • Fully prepare print files before your booking. Any file preparation will come out of your booking time.
  • • Bookings are in 30 minute increments and each student can book a maximum of 60 minutes per week in total.
  • • Please arrive 10 minutes before your booking start time.
  • • Payments for laser cutting time and materials used must be made at the end of your session.
  • • Payment is to be made for the whole period booked.
  • • In-class use is in addition to your 60 minute per week limit.
  • • A stand-by list is available during peak semester periods.
  • • Booking cancellations must be made at least 3 hours in advance of your booking time using the link provided in the booking confirmation email. Please speak to a DMaF staff member if you wish to cancel within 3 hours.
  • • Failure to cancel your booking more than once results in a 2 week ban. Failure to cancel your booking in weeks 11-13 will result in a 2 week ban. No shows during this time must still be paid for.
  • • You must monitor your machine at all times while it is operating.
  • • If you wish to use external materials you must provide an MSDS - Material Safety Data Sheet.
  • • Please bring your own masking tape to your booking.

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