About DMaF

The Design Modelling and Fabrication Lab houses a broad range of fabrication workshops enabling the production of design prototypes, objects and models. DMaF Lab is recognised for its comprehensiveness and its fostering of integrated and collaborative design and fabrication approaches.

These labs include:

Timber Fabrication Lab
Metalastics Lab
Digital Fabrication Lab
Robotics Lab
3D Media Lab

Access within all areas of DMaF Lab is strictly subject to completion of the Safety Induction and Competency Course (SICU). This ensures that all users of the Lab are informed as to the operation of its extensive and complex machinery in a safe manner.

Architecture Design and Planning (ADP) currently enrolled students and ADP research projects are DMaF Labs priority, which means that no external jobs will be considered during Semester Weeks 10, 11, 12, 13 & 14; DMaF Labs cannot guarantee access to non Sydney School of Architecture Design and Planning users;